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About Us

සිංහයා (Sinhaya Reader) is a content creation network powered by independent and self-motivated contributors with local knowledge and expertise. We are currently supporting vast number of contributors who share content that matters most to them, highlighted with local flair. සිංහයා (Sinhaya Reader) is transforming how relevant content is created for audiences around the world. Our core focus is to create content that is meaningful to users through topics of interest, increased relevancy within local markets, and with an emphasis on content quality.


With over two million monthly visitors and five million page views according to Google Analytics, Feb 2013. සිංහයා (Sinhaya Reader) attracts an affluent, well-educated demographic:

Contact Us

If you have any inquery abuot our articles, please email us to our Facebook fan page, we will take nessasary actions immidiately